About Us

We are, the Claretian Missionaries of the province of Chennai, a congregation of Roman Catholic Priests and Brothers, founded by Father Anthony Mary Claret in 1849, in Spain. MANASU is a unit of Claretian Life Animation Project (CLAP) Trust.
CLAP was registered in 2004 to promote a healthy society and to empower the lessprivileged to live a life of dignity and self-respect.MANASU is located 2 km away from Chennai international airport.


Rescue, Recover, Rehabilitate, & Reintegrate, wandering men suffering with mental illness and creating awareness among the public by promoting mental health.


Health in mind and body for All.

Beneficiaries of MANASU

The Immediate beneficiaries are the individuals who have recovered their mental health at Manasu. The in- direct beneficiaries are the families who are reunited with their loved ones. The society at large benefits since these rehabilitated individuals become productive members of society.

Future Plan
  • Vocational training centre
  • Community Psychiatric clinic
  • De-addiction Centre